Blast From the Past: Montana Hunt 2015 – So close, yet so far (Day 2)

While we do some uplift work on the website, here is a blast from the past folks with our Day 2 story of our 2015 Montana elk hunt. This is a great story with some awesome pics as we shift our focus from the Madison Valley for the day to the Ruby Valley. Check the story out!
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Blast From the Past: Montana Hunt 2015 – How can a day go any worse? (Finale Part 2)

Blast from the past…Montana Elk Hunt 2015…this is the final part of the two-part finale. The hunting day starts off badly and we figure that our hunting is going to be a bust. I can’t tell you how it ends, but this is a doozy! NOTE: This migrated post is originally from as it is more suitable for