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Intermediate category. Sub category to Hunting, parent category to related sub-categories. Includes coyote, deer, antelope, etc. Answers…: Volume 1

Welcome to “ Answers…”. This series is where we summarize and present the answers to the questions that we get asked from various media sources. We plan on regularly presenting this to you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, so check back for this series. For those of your who do not already know, we have a very strong presence on ( Check us out!

Deer in the woods

Podcast – Into the Wilderness #8 1

Welcome to “Into the Wilderness” Episode #8, a regular podcast series at This is a podcast you are going to come back to over and over again. Our guest is Dr. Marcus Lashley of the MSU Deer Lab. Let me tell you hunters, there is some super secret stuff in this podcast. We hope to get him back on the show to finish sharing the secrets he has and what he is finding out about deer behaviors, habitats and how to hunt them more effectively.