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Montana 2017 Elk Hunt – Snow, Basketball, “That Guy” & Frozen Underwear

Elk hunting… Montana style! This is the start of the full wrap-up report covering my Montana 2017 elk hunt. Many twists and turns took place this year as did the final outcome. For you hardcore hunters, Part 1 may be a bit less exciting. In part 1 I cover the tactics and methods I use to enjoy some time with my nieces and nephews. Ha!

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Montana Elk Hunting 2017 – Raw Report 1

It is THAT time again… Montana elk hunting. What more can be said? It is a time that I thoroughly enjoy. Being with family I rarely get to see; having adventures that, well, “just happen”; and maybe being granted the grace of “taking” a majestic elk. This year, we are trying some new grounds, so who knows. What I do know is that you need to grab the edge of your seat – it is going to be a wild one!