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Wilderness, Sunset on the River

Mom vs. Wild! Series Introduction 1

“Mom vs. Wild”… What the heck Wilderness Master? I will tell you what the heck. Recently, our own Christine mentioned that she wanted to take her kids camping so they would get that experience. But, she did not even know where to begin. I thought about it for about a minute, and Voila we came up with this series: “Mom vs. Wild”. This is a series for those moms (or dads) who want to learn how to get out into the outdoors with their kids. This article is an intro into this series where I will lay out the genesis, goals and content that we intend to provide with the “Mom vs. Wild “series. Moms (and Dads), get ready to get…. outdoors!

Packing your backpack right

Backpacking 101 – Pack Your Backpack Right: Part 1

Our “Backpacking 101” series is a basic set of written and video knowledge to give you basic backpacking understanding and skills. Our goal is to enable you to get into the woods quicker and with more enjoyment. In this article we discuss how to pack your backpack “right”. Packing your backpack right can turn that life sucking tick on your back into something far more pleasurable and give you better enjoyment of your backpacking trips. This is Part 1 of a three-part series.