Wilderness, Sunset on the River

Podcast – Into the Wilderness #15: What’s Happening…Welcome to 2018!!

Welcome to our regular podcast, “Into the Wilderness”. This is ITW #15. Where have we been? I know you have been missing us, haven’t you? Well, we have been improving our audio delivery and options. Also, we have been setting up our site, podcast channel and other goals. Do not miss out on this episode!

Montana 2017 Elk Hunt – Snow, Basketball, “That Guy” & Frozen Underwear

Elk hunting… Montana style! This is the start of the full wrap-up report covering my Montana 2017 elk hunt. Many twists and turns took place this year as did the final outcome. For you hardcore hunters, Part 1 may be a bit less exciting. In part 1 I cover the tactics and methods I use to enjoy some time with my nieces and nephews. Ha!

SC Coyote Bounty

Wow! I love this program and concept. Outdoor News Daily is reporting more coyotes that have been tagged for their incentive/bounty program. This is a great concept for providing an incentive for hunters to thin the coyote populations. Read the article for the details…

Happy New Year – 2018 New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year 2018 at WildernessMaster.com! We want to give you a sneak peek at our site and my personal goals for this coming year. New Year’s resolutions are something a lot of people make frivolously. To really improve personally or with skills/advocations like shooting, then you need goals to improve.

Deer in the woods

25 Tips for Deer Hunting Success

DeerHunter.com has an article, “25 Deer Hunting Tips for Success”. This a great, concise set of things I have caught myself on and I constantly have to police. It is a great pocket reference to go back and review every year before deer season starts. I provide a quick summary, some additions and a link to the original article.