Backpacking 101 – Overnight Site Choice   Recently updated !

Our “Backpacking 101” series is a basic set of knowledge to give you basic backpacking understanding and skills. Our goal is to enable you to get into the woods quicker and with more enjoyment. In this article, we discuss what makes a good campsite, and what does not. Picking a good campsite can mean the difference between sleeping well and safe, or waking up in a flood. This is a critical camping skill!

The Wilderness Master’s Wilderness #2 – It Didn’t Stay Slow!   Recently updated !

Welcome to a new and (I hope) regular series – “The Wilderness Master’s Wilderness”. It is a behind the scenes look at what goes on in my life (as the founder of, with our operations, people, etc. We hope this gives you an idea of what is happening and what it takes to deliver our content to you, our audience. This is our second in this series and we discuss how we went from the summer slow down to 1000 mph!

First Aid Kit Survey

Wilderness Master 101 – First Aid Kit Survey

Welcome back to our “Wilderness Master 101” series. This is a set of articles and videos that covers the fundamentals that are required to function in the outdoors. In this training episode, we discuss some first aid kit basics and survey several types of first aid kits.

9/11 Memorial in NYC

If We Forget, We Will Repeat   Recently updated !

The family takes this time to remember all of those affected by 9/11. We Will Not Forget!

Product Review – Wise Foods

In this article and video we review the Wise Food long term storage product. We recently purchased two main meals to try and my sons and I did. Given we all camp and backpack, this review is a relative product review. Take a look at our review for the results.