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Montana 2017 Elk Hunt- Ruby Valley Ebola

Welcome to Part 2 of our Montana 2017 Elk Hunt. In Part 1, we enjoyed some family time with my brother’s family. Arriving early (prior to hunting time) allowed me to spend some quality time with his family. This article is all about the adventures of or hunting. Don’t miss it!

Tips to Help Your Taxidermist

You have that hunt of a lifetime and “take” that game you never thought you would. Of course, you are going to want to get it mounted. But, how do you ensure you are going to get the best mount? That starts in the field with how you handle the game. John McAdams wrote an article over at “MultiBriefs” with some tips to help out your taxidermist. We provide a synopsis and some commentary on these tips based on field experience.

Into the Wilderness #17: Wilderness Master’s Wild – 2018 New Year, New Focus

Welcome to the “Into the Wilderness” podcast channel (ITW) where we cover ALL things outdoors. In this episode, we have another in our series of “Wilderness Master’s Wild”. What is “Wilderness Master’s Wild”? It is our Wilderness Master’s outdoor rants, raves and righteous thoughts. Today, our core topic is how I am going to refocus my outdoor time in order to achieve my core priority (hunting), while ensuring I continue to develop all of my outdoor interests. Also, we discuss a few other topics like year-round hunting and a little pre-pre turkey season spectacular. Do not miss this episode of “Wilderness Master’s Wild”.

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Into the Wilderness #16: Wilderness Master’s Wild – Hunting Season Wrap-Up

Welcome to our podcast channel, “Into the Wilderness” (ITW). This is the first in our “Wilderness Master’s Wild” series where the resident wilderness master shares with you his knowledge, experiences and wisdom. In this episode, we do a wrap-up of the 2017 hunting season. Don’t miss “Wilderness Master’s Wild”!

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Podcast – Into the Wilderness #15: What’s Happening…Welcome to 2018!!

Welcome to our regular podcast, “Into the Wilderness”. This is ITW #15. Where have we been? I know you have been missing us, haven’t you? Well, we have been improving our audio delivery and options. Also, we have been setting up our site, podcast channel and other goals. Do not miss out on this episode!